Residential spaces

Adjust your residential space according to you mood, activities and lifestyle!

The primary goal of the Smart Home is to meet the needs of a contemporary household for a life of higher quality, while significantly saving energy. Let your home be smarter and your life simpler.

Commercial spaces

Reduce the expenses in your commercial space and increase energy efficiency!

The monthly expenses for the upkeep of commercial facilities are considerable costs for every company owner who intends to reduce his or her expenses to a minimum. By automating a commercial facility, the unnecessary consumption of energy and resources can be avoided.

Previously programmed scenarios that include automatic activation and turning off the heating/cooling based on the zones can significantly contribute to saving energy and the sensors placed in the offices can measure the temperature in the space, detect motion and activate/turn off the lighting or turn on the Presentation scenario (the main lighting is turned off and an auxiliary one is activated, the blinds come down, the curtains are closed and the TV is turned on).



Ensure maximum pleasure for your guests in the restaurant!

Control the RGB lighting and change the colors in the restaurant depending on the time of the day. By using the predefined scenarios, you can categorize the lighting and adjust it to the day and night regime of the restaurant.


Wish your guests a pleasant stay in the hotel!

Adjusting the ambiance to the guests and meeting the request to control energy economically are two requests that need to be synchronized so that the guests could experience the highest level of comfort, service and practicality.


Be efficient and enjoy the benefits!

On integrating this system, it is possible to reduce energy consumption up to 30%.


Adjust your home to your current mood, activities and lifestyle at the click of a button.


HDL KNX, HDL Buspro, HDL Wireless, Schneider Electric


Your security is our duty.


Control your home from any part of the world.