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The ION Solutions company has been oriented towards designing and integrating Smart home systems and Smart buildings, with a continued increase in energy efficiency in accordance with the most modern trends in the world. At the same time, the company specializes in developing software for an intuitive and simple utilization of these systems which supports all the most significant communication protocols and provides all the functionalities which our clients request.

By gaining experience in the field of state-of-the-art technologies and by developing through constant challenges on the IT market, as well as including young potentials in projects and successfully anticipating the market needs, ION Solutions has developed into a company of great potential.


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What is the Smart Home?

The essence of the system of home automation is to provide practicality, better control, efficiency and security. If you are interested in home automation, it’s highly likely that you think it’s expensive or complicated to implement. In the last couple of years, the idea of automating houses has become more present because it is considered a new trend in the field of increasing the quality of living and saving energy.

Above all, home automation should not be about what else you can do for your home but about what your home can do for you.

Main advantages

  • An optimum in terms of the cost-benefit ratio,
  • The possibility of integrating it with the buttons of any manufactures,
  • Remotly controlling the devices in the home,
  • The possibility of adjusting it to current activities of the tenants,
  • Raising security to a higher level,
  • Saving energy,
  • Saving time and money.
Architects, Enterior Designers and Civil Engineers

Our vision is technology in the service of a nicer and simpler reality and socially richer life.

With our work, we contribute to the general acceptance of new trends and technologies which don’t distract from the quality of the living environment and leading a decent life. Due to its characteristics and functionalities, architects, investors and designers see a future for automating their projects and, because of this, they have given us their trust.


Our world-leading partners, who help us provide excellent service, play a great role in the experienced and professional way we conduct our business.

Satisfied customers


ION Solutions d.o.o. offers a complete service of designing, integrating and maintaining the Smart Home system. ION Solutions has a network of distributors in Serbia. They are positioned regionally and, with the help of ION Solutions, they are ready to do business in a turnkey manner.