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DLP Central panel for Smart Home Management

A short guide to help you choose a multifunctional center panel that will fit into your interior, meet your needs and fit into your life habits at the same time.

Why modern generations are increasingly exploring in the automation of their living space?

The modern generation is aware of the advantages of modern technology and the importance of implementing all available environmental measures, and is happy to opt for the "home automation" project.
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An intelligent Smart home assistant - Alexa

If there are already three user interfaces offered by a Smart home, why is it just a voice intelligent assistant Alexa, most popular? What's the secret?

Automated ventilation system and air conditioning system

The air conditioning system and ventilation system attract the most attention of potential users in the spring, summer and autumn months.
saving electricity

A smart home and saving electricity as its biggest asset

What interests users the most and what most often affects their overall satisfaction brought by the automation project is - saving electricity.

Safety comes first!

Apart from the fact that it is almost impossible to outwit the alarm system and smart home software in general, a well-created scenario is always one step ahead of the burglar's plan.