Why modern generations are increasingly exploring in the automation of their living space?


In the last couple of years, we cannot help but notice the trend of automation of homes for young generations who are just starting their life together or who, for the first time in their lives, have their own apartments. It is a big part of growing up with a generation that is really aware of the advantages of modern technology, the importance of environmental measures and which, after all, is really important to use its free time in the best possible way - and gladly decides to invest in "home automation".

Since we have already talked about the price range of a beginner, or as our clients like to call it - a "basic package" and more than affordable, we still have a trend of lack of information and prejudice that it is "too expensive".

However, in the last month, we have been working full steam ahead and we have decided to ask our clients some questions that may help you to more easily see the benefits that home automation provides.

Did you know what the concept of a smart home is, what is the biggest advantage that home automation has provided you with and what options are available?

"At first, no. I knew, for example, that I wanted to smart lightning, smart sockets, smart air conditioning and smart heating for the simple reason that the most energy is saved on these items. For example, a  classic house of a businessman. I am extremely in favor of environmental measures, and I wanted, on another aspect, to "go my own way" and try to make some good changes in my life. Also, if I am already investing in the project "home automation", I do not want it all to be just beautiful to the eye, but also to be functional, useful, profitable. The smart home team really came out to meet me with all the information. I had the opportunity to be with them at a detailed presentation of what I can expect for my money and how I will use the system myself after installation. What was crucial for me is that I do not depend on any user system, there is no waiting for operators to pick up the call, there is no remote support system that works from 7 to 11 ... On the other hand, there is no option to subsystem "drain the battery" so I have to take care of it. Alexa hears everything! It's like having a personal assistant in the house! "

Which subsystem is most popular in your home and why?

"My wife is thrilled with the irrigation system irrigation system. It was, in general, her morning and evening obligation so now she can use that time to sleep longer or sit in the garden and drink coffee while the irrigation system works for her.

irrigation, relay in the garden, alexa, scenario, smart home

At the beginning, I liked how a person really looks forward to some small things, and now we discover something new every day. We definitely have the most fun creating scripts. We have created one script for a movie night (music and lighting), one for working and one for non-working mornings, one for guests and socializing in general that we organize and one for going to bed. When we are at home, we issue all commands via Alexa. When we are not at home, we exit all commands via the Magiesta app. That freedom means a lot to us. You are not tied to a single panel that hangs in one place in the apartment. If we look at the cost of the investment and compare it to all the little things you don't have to spend time on anymore ... we're just sorry we didn't know the benefits of home automation before. "

Is it difficult to create a script on your own and what does a script that you created yourself and that you are especially proud of look like?

"When I created the first script, I was quite uninformed because I didn't listen very carefully at the first presentation. Home automation seemed like something I wouldn't be able to use so easily. Somehow I started from the fact that creating a script is complicated even though it's on presentation. After a few days, I asked the smart home team a smart home team to help me with a scenario and I realized that it was, systemically, really a trivial thing, although it would certainly not be easy for my father to understand it as quickly as I did. , but if you know you're using a smartphone, this won't be a problem.

I think the most important thing is to have a good idea. That this is a starting point of any good scenario. I am most proud of the scenario I called "Match" because I created ideal conditions there (from setting the blinds, turning on the TV, activating all audio zones to adjusting the lighting) so that my wife who loves matches could enjoy.

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Even when I move through the apartment, I can follow what is happening. There’s no way I’m going to miss something. And I was so proud of myself when I created it and realized that just about everything "works" the way I imagined! "

What would you like to be available as a new subsystem? Do you have any idea that would be adequate for us?

"A smart feeder for our pets. We have two dogs in the yard, one cat in the house who doesn't really like to go outside and one turtle. It would be great if it could all somehow connect into one scenario, to have fresh food and fresh water. when we're not home. "
"My great idea is a watering system that exists for backyards, for example. But my wife keeps over 20 plants in the apartment that I still have to water by hand. It would be great to come up with some self-watering smart pots and a scenario for them so yes I just say, "Alexa, take care of our plants!"