DLP Central panel for Smart Home Management


The user interfaces itself, simply put, represents the ways we can manage a smart home. We divide it into:

- voice control, ie. with the help of Alexa,
- management via the Magiesta app,
- management of central multifunctional panels and
- sensor control.

When it comes to multifunctional panels, we have been asked a lot of questions about a really large selection of them. The site itself presents over 20 panels that are in circulation when you decide on the one that will best fit your interior and your preferences.

Choosing the panel that will best suit the user can sometimes be a challenge, so we try to explain in as much detail as possible the features and specifications of the panels that are available.

Since we know that even detailed panel descriptidons require another answer, feel free to ask us any questions about the panels whenever it suits you at office@ionsolutions.net

Central multifunctional panels - the best 5 panels

1. Enviro US multifunctional central panel 

The panel is touch-sensitive over its entire surface, with a color display. This makes it extremely easy and simple to use, and therefore quite popular with users. The automatically adjustable brightness of the display itself with the power-saving system fits perfectly into the apartments of those who carefully consume electricity.

- Display: touch screen, 4.3 inches
- Display: Color
- Built-in: proximity sensor, temperature sensor, IR receiver, real-time clock
- Aesthetics: aluminum frame, available in black and white

smart panels

2. Central panel granite display

Granite panel is a feature of a combination of modern technology and luxury design. The high-resolution screen is sensitive to touch the entire surface. It is equipped with a proximity sensor that will, upon your approach, activate the display. In addition, this center panel offers the ability to create shortcuts on the home display according to your needs as well as select the color of the lights that you can select by swiping your finger around the shade disc you will find in the color control section.

- Screen: 4 inches, 720 x 720P HD, touch sensitive
- Built-in: temperature and humidity sensor, proximity sensor
- Aesthetics: available in two colors
- Buspro and KNX protocol

smart panel

3. Central panel ndroid S 10 and android S 57

Generation S Android multifunction panels are panels that are touch-sensitive on the entire surface. They are popular among Magiesta app fans as both panels use Magiesta as a user interface. In addition, they are characterized by a modern and simple design.


- Screen: touch screen, 10.1 inches
- Built-in: proximity sensor, temperature sensor, real-time clock
- Power supply: DC 9 ~ 25V
- IP, Buspro


- Screen: touch screen, 5.7 inches, 640 * 1280P resolution
- Built-in: proximity sensor, light sensor, microphone, speaker
- Power consumption: Max. 12V
- Power supply: DV24 or POE
- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RJ45

smart panl

4. Full Touch US central panel

With just one touch on this multifunction panel, the operating mode is started. Information on temperature and exact time is immediately visible on the illuminated display. Designed to fit into the most luxurious apartments, you will easily recognize this panel by the panel that makes one piece of glass and provides really many options and freedom in creating commands.

- Screen: solid color LCD, touch sensitive
- Flexibility: 4 of the 7 pages are customized
- Built-in: temperature sensor, proximity sensor, IR receiver
- Aesthetics: available in black and white

smart panel

5. DLP EU central panel

The panel is a multifunctional panel of a new generation. Apart from the fact that it can be mounted wherever it suits you, it is popular because of its simple lines and the practicality that comes from the large buttons on the panel itself. 


- Display: solid color LCD
- Flexibility: supports 147 languages, 8 control keys and 2 page navigation keys
- Built-in: temperature sensor
- Aesthetics: aluminum frame, available in black and white
- Power supply: DC 24V
- Control system: Buspro

smart panel