Hotel Pupin

The Pupin Hotel (4 stars) is located in the commercial part of the building of Pupin’s Palace in the very center of Novi Sad, and it takes up an area of 2500m2. The hotel contains 44 luxurious and modernly equipped rooms, with 44 garage places, a conference hall with 60 places, 2 restaurants of the Kalem and ZAK type as well as a restaurant for breakfast and brunch which is also of an open type.

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Nordeus company

Nordeus is a technological company founded in 2010 which specializes in developing games for social networks and mobile phones. It is based in Belgrade and covers an area of 6000 m2. The company has 170 employees and it is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in the field of computer games.

This year, they wanted to transform their regular working space into a more suitable and efficient environment in order to improve the motivation of the employees. The new building, which was built in 2019, is completely automated with HDL equipment in order to facilitate the daily process of working in it. They wanted to control the lighting, cooling, heating and curtains.

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The Residential - Business facility EX ing Home 65

The Ex ing Home 65 is a residential and business building located in Belgrade and it is located on an area of 11.500 m2. It is divided into two luxurious residential units – Lamela 1 and Lamela 2, with 149 apartments.

The investor of the Ex ing Home 65, which is the leader on the Serbian market, always strives to build facilities of the most attractive design and construction quality. In order to maintain a good tradition and make life easier for the tenants, he decided to integrate the Smart Home system into the building.

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Hotel Maestral

Maestral Resort & Casino is located in one of the most exclusive parts of the Adriatic coast, in the immediate vicinity of Saint Stefan.

To help it stand out from the other hotels and become one of the most attractive resorts on the coast with its private beach, casino, restaurant, bar and spa center, ION Solutions took part in a big renovation of the hotel.

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Music School

The new music school in Novi Sad, which is located on an area of 4500 m2, has a state-of-the-at space adjusted to the students’ needs. The facility consists of 4 floors, it has a big basketball court in the playground as well as a concert hall with 428 seats.

In order to reduce the expenses to a minimum and to use electric energy more rationally, the lighting in the whole building was automated.

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The Zvonko Bogdan Winery

The owner of the "Zvonko Bogdan Winery" decided to control the lighting in the corridor, small and big hall and balcony through the scenario which can be set by using the Magiesta application. With the HDL equipment, an easy transition from one scenario to the other is achieved in order to create a positive atmosphere.

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Casino Flamingo

Casino Flamingo in Northern Macedonia is one of the last and biggest projects which was successfully completed by ION Solutions.

The casino provides its guests with a total of 920 slot machines and 26 separate gambling tables. Offering a wide scope of services ranging from Blackjack to American roulette, it could be said that the popularity of the casino has been rising from a year in to year out and that the turnout on an annual level reaches half a million visitors.

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Hotel MGallery

Mgallery Hotel, which is located in Plovdiv, consists of 3 floors with 61 accommodation units which comprise 13 larger apartments and 48 single-bed and two-bedrooms, 2 meeting rooms, the inside and outside the restaurant, SPA center and gym.

The whole hotel was automated in order to create a sense of complete pleasure and comfort for the guests as well as to facilitate work for people from the reception. They were enabled to see the status of each room at any moment.

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Petrus restaurant

Petrus is one of the most famous restaurants in Novi Sad which has existed for 10 years now. In order for the quests to have better life experience and help the employees control the entire lighting in an easier way, they decided to automate the entire lighting in the restaurant.

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Hotel Marriot

Marriot Hotel is the first Marriot hotel on the territory of Serbia which exists under the name of Courtyard.

The hotel is located in the very heart of the center on Belgrade on the Republic Square, a few steps from the Knez Mihajlova Street and many other attractions. It has 7 floors, 114 rooms, two of which are studio apartments, a fitness center (only for the hotel guests), business center, 24 Hour Market, a restaurant with complete service and a bar on the first floor, as well as 3 smaller meeting halls (on the first and seventh floor).

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Hotel New City

Grand Hotel Niš is located in the very center of Niš. The hotel is of high quality (4 stars) and contains 120 rooms and apartments, two large conference halls, a SPA and fitness center, a state-of-the-art kitchen and restaurant. It was built in accordance with the highest world technological and ecological standards.

Apart from the cutting-edge equipment, the hotel contains a system for controlling the hotel rooms, which includes smart panels and software.

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The Castle of Rodoljub Drašković

The Castle of Rodoljub Drašković, which is located in Trebinje, stretches on an area of 25.000 m2 and has a big yard with a fountain, rooms for the room service and security personnel, indoor and outdoor pool, wine cellar, a lounge and a few apartments for the guests.

The whole castle was automated by integrating the Smart Home system in order to fully meet the owner’s requests.

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The Cyril and Methodius Private Elementary School

The building of the Rodić private high school is a typical example of controlling dimmable, on/off and DMX lighting in the classrooms, corridors of the hall and external lighting with the help of smart panels with an LCD display and upgradable motion sensors.

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The Laguna Residential Facility

Within the residential and commercial space of Laguna, which is located in Novi Sad, a central surveillance and control system was integrated. It controls 4 luxurious penthouses, which implies controlling the lighting, Jacuzzi, indoor air-conditioning units, floor heating, control blinds, system for melting ice on the balcony and in the drain pipes as well as a system that prevents the freezing of irrigation pipes.

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The Konkordija City Museum

In the Konkordija City Museum, a control system of heating and cooling was integrated based on zones. In each office, the presence of people is detected through sensors and based on this, the optimal temperature of the space is determined with the aim of achieving the biggest possible energy savings.

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The Swisslion Production Plant

In order to achieve minimal expenses in the Swisslion Production Plant in Trebinje, which is an giant in the area of producing high-quality food, a system for controlling the external and internal lighting was integrated in the hall in the production and storage space using the DALI protocol and by means of the motion sensor, lighting and smart panels. On detecting motion, the sensor activates a certain type of lighting, and after 15 minutes, the same one is turned off if no motion is detected within that period of time.

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