Hotel New City

Grand Hotel Niš is located in the very center of Niš. The hotel is of high quality (4 stars) and contains 120 rooms and apartments, two large conference halls, a SPA and fitness center, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a restaurant. It was built in accordance with the highest world technological and ecological standards.

Apart from the cutting-edge equipment, the hotel contains a system for controlling the hotel rooms, which includes smart panels and software.

In front of the hotel room, there is an intelligent hotel panel with a scanner for RFID cards which is used for opening the entrance doors. The panel has 3 indicators with the hotel signalization (DND – do not disturb, pick up the laundry and clean the room) which glow when a guest presses one of these on the panel is located inside the room. Apart from these basic functions, on the panel there is also the room number with the backlight. In the room next to the door, there is a casing for RFID cards whose function is to activate the scenarios and turn off the supply with a timer.

In addition, there is a central panel with an LCD display for controlling the fan coil, detection of the openness of the window and controlling the hotel signalization. In the bathroom, there is an SOS push-button card which automatically sends a notification to the reception through the software about the room in which the action happened.

In order for all of this to function together and to unify all the integrated devices, hotel management software with an OPC server was integrated for communication with the FIDELIO software.