Music School

The new music school in Novi Sad, which is located on an area of 4500 m2, has a state-of-the-at space adjusted to the students’ needs. The facility consists of 4 floors, it has a big basketball court in the playground as well as a concert hall with 428 seats.

In order to reduce the expenses to a minimum and to use electric energy more rationally, the lighting in the whole building was automated.

496 motion sensors which serve the purpose of activating the lighting if motion is detected were integrated. The logic that was constructed with the aim of meeting the users’ needs is based on motion detection i.e. the regulation of the lighting level for the chosen regime of work. When a sensor detects motion in a dark room, the lighting is set to the level previously defined by the working regime. If the sensor doesn’t detect motion 15 minutes from the moment of turning on the lighting, the intensity gradually fades and the lighting is then completely turned off.