Nordeus company

Nordeus is a technological company founded in 2010 which specializes in developing games for social networks and mobile phones. It is based in Belgrade and covers an area of 6000 m2. The company has 170 employees and it is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in the field of computer games.

This year, they wanted to transform their regular working space into a more suitable and efficient environment in order to improve the motivation of the employees. The new building, which was built in 2019, is completely automated with HDL equipment in order to facilitate the daily process of working in it. They wanted to control the lighting, cooling, heating and curtains.

Based on the time spent in the offices and the external temperature, the temperature was set in each office in accordance with the wishes of the employees who work in them. By using the information from the weather forecast service and the current daily temperature, the system was programmed to adjust the temperature to the employees so that the atmosphere would be more pleasant to work in.

Each business space has motion detectors located on the ceiling and they have two functions.

The first feature of the sensor lies in saving energy in such a way that it puts the device for controlling the heating /cooling in the saving regime if it doesn’t detect motion for 30 minutes. The second feature shows how saving energy can also be achieved by means of sensors i.e. by automating the lighting. The motion detector serves to detect motion within a range of 8 meters and activate a certain action – in this case, it turns on the desired light. If it doesn’t detect motion within 30 minutes, the light intensity decreases and, after some time, turns off.

In order for the whole facility to become completely automated, a meteorological station that provides information about the wind speed was integrated, and based on this, it can initiate the lowering of all blinds in the building if the wind reaches high speed. During the summer regime, based on the sunlight (time of the day), the blinds for protection from insolation are raised and lowered.