Petrus restaurant

Petrus is one of the most famous restaurants in Novi Sad which has existed for 10 years now. In order for the quests to have better life experience and help the employees control the entire lighting in an easier way, they decided to automate the entire lighting in the restaurant.

Previously defined scenarios can be activated based on the external lighting and weather intervals. All the waiters and waitresses have limited access to the system and can control the lighting in their region, but the main manager and boss have access to the whole system i.e. all groups of lighting and scenarios in the restaurant.

They have a couple of scenarios which are perfectly convenient for different parts of the day. The "Coming to the Restaurant" scenario activates only the lighting inside the counter and WC, the "Dinner" scenario includes the lighting above each table, led strips and the external lighting and the "Leaving the Restaurant" scenario turns off the entire lighting and leaves on only the external lighting.