The Residential - Business facility EX ing Home 65

The Ex ing Home 65 is a residential and business building located in Belgrade and it is located on an area of 11.500 m2. It is divided into two luxurious residential units – Lamela 1 and Lamela 2, with 149 apartments.

The investor of the Ex ing Home 65, which is the leader on the Serbian market, always strives to build facilities of the most attractive design and construction quality. In order to maintain a good tradition and make life easier for the tenants, he decided to integrate the Smart Home system into the building. Based on his request, we made the basic package that perfectly matches all the residential units, with the possibility of extending it at the tenants’ request. The package implies the control of the following:

One water valve which enables the activation of the being away from the apartment for a longer time scenario in order to turn off the water supply, which is how we lower the possibility of accidents caused by the leaking of water in apartments,

One boiler contactor which enables the time program to optimize electricity consumption in accordance with the cheaper and more expensive tariff for electricity,

One heating zone where the desired temperature in the room is adjusted by means of using the DLP smart panel of a modern series, which is how energy is saved. The flexibility in using this function of the smart home system provides the schedule or scenario which can combine the everyday habits of the household with the need for energy for heating up the apartment by means of setting the desired trajectory of the temperature,

One group of sockets where the circles of the sockets can be put in a state without charge with the help of a previously defined program or by leaving home so that the household no longer has to worry about forgetting to turn off some appliances,

A lighting switch where the entire lighting is turned off through the Magiesta application or by activating the leaving home scenario. When the owner arrives home, the welcome scenario can be activated, which turns on the entire lighting,

The unique split system of air-conditioning which implies 3 programmed ways of work (fast and slow heating, fast and slow cooling as well as turning off) so that the clients could more easily heat up or cool down the apartment even when they are not at home;

The MP3 file of audio sources and internet radio enables clients to adjust the ambiance of the apartment in accordance with the existing audio system and additionally adjust it to the needs and moods of the client by activating the scenario;

The control of all blinds, which means that the weather conditions and scenarios can enable the automatic raising and lowering of blinds so that those tenants would be protected from the sun’s heat during the day at a specific time or ensure privacy at twilight;

The Viber notification which will appear when the sensor detects motion on activating the leaving home scenario when no activity is expected in the living space.