Controlling the lighting can be regulated by the on/off (turn on/turn off) command, but there is also the option of dimming with the purpose of reducing or increasing the intensity of light in order to change the ambience of the space.

If your house has a large number of light fixtures, the Smart Home simplifies the process of controlling and reduces it to the choice of the following scenarios: "Night Light", "Day Light" and "Socializing With Friends". Apart from the scenarios, if you would like to control each group separately, there is the option of separate controlling by means of the Magiesta application or multi-functional panels.

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The automatic controlling of air-conditioning and ventilation systems leads to the greatest degree of energy reduction in the Smart Home system.

Within the standard functionalities of the Smart Home system, we control the air-conditioning and ventilation system mostly locally from the panel or phone in the activate/deactivate regime depending on the system type and technical restrictions.

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Blinds and awnings

Motorized curtains and blinds as well as freezers and awnings are an integral part of every facility.

Smart Home  puts curtains, blinds and awnings under control, synchronizes their work in a simple way and enables them to be connected within different scenarios. This way, they become an integral part of each ambiance, along with the lighting and other devices. It is also possible to control these devices in accordance with the home meteorological station which gives the command of closing the awnings depending on the wind speed.

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Floor heating 

Smart Home enables the introduction of automatic logic which takes into account the choice of the optimal source of heat, based on the outside temperature and conditions of using the facility. The heating can be based on the use of more different types of energy (gas, electricity, heat pumps, solar energy, etc.)

It is possible to control the temperature in each room independently in different time intervals during the day. Different heating can be defined for every zone and save up to 30%.

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The most attractive function of the home automation Smart Home system is the program scenario ̶ the so-called macro. Macros are program scenarios in which more events are linked into one sequence and they are activated at the push of a button and are completed one by one in accordance with the desired order.

One of the most important functions of the Smart Home system is that it enables us to quickly (at the push of a button) adapt a facility to the current activity, different habits, current mood and specific lifestyle of each tenant or family using the system.

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Camera surveillance

At any moment, you can have visual access to your home and see how it is from the inside. You can have access through the Magiesta application on your phone, tablet or computer.

In addition, if you travel often around Serbia or abroad, you can connect to all public cameras that are available throughout the whole world and have the latest information about traffic congestions.


Let your favorite song wake you up in the morning or greet you as you come back home! 

Through the Magiesta application you can connect to all radio stations available for integration and play them through the multi-functional panels or the very application. You can also easily switch to your USB stick if there aren’t any of your favorite songs on radio stations, connect your USB stick to Magiesta and enjoy the relaxing music.

If you have more than one audio zone, but you would like to listen to the same music content in every audio zone, the party mode audio system allows you to do just this – from one place you can control unique music in all audio zones.


The ventilation of a house is very important for maintaining comfort, health and the quality of air in closed space. Without appropriate ventilation, the air in the house becomes stale, the concentration of pollutants rises and the level of humidity can rise, which leads to the formation of mold and other problems.

People mostly spend the majority of their time in a closed space so they are exposed to the air from their homes and the quality of that air can positively or negatively affect their health and well-being.

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Within the Smart Home system, an intelligent alarm subsystem is often integrated. In case of alarm situations (break-ins, fires and floods), apart from the standard notification which the user gets through the Magiesta application and sounding the Piezo siren, there are more complex functions of intelligent alarm systems.

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Energy consumption

By introducing the Smart Home system, the precise control of the different elements (valves, light intensity, fan speed, etc.) is enabled based on the current parameter values (temperature, presence in the room, daylight, etc.) which would not be achieved only through manual control.

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Swimming pool 

The remote control of swimming pool equipment is usually provided by the owner of the pool and the accompanying equipment so the existing system is easily integrated into the Smart Home system.

It’s possible to set the desired temperature of the water by means of a touch screen, and the automatic control leads the system and maintains this temperature. In addition, if the process of heating the pool water is part of the facility heating system, the Smart Home system allows the whole system to automate and synchronize. All of this is part of the energy saving system.


The automatic control of the watering system is implemented in houses with yard greenery and gardens.

The activation of the watering system can be initiated in the following ways:

- Through automatic programming in real time (the time intervals of turning on and off),

- Through automatic measuring of soil dampness,

- Through the Magiesta application.