The automatic controlling of air-conditioning and ventilation systems leads to the greatest degree of energy reduction in the Smart Home system.

Within the standard functionalities of the Smart Home system, we control the air-conditioning and ventilation system mostly locally from the panel or phone in the activate/deactivate regime depending on the system type and technical restrictions.

So far we have successfully controlled:

- The "split" air-conditioning systems,

- Fan coil systems,

- Centralized air-conditioning systems,

- Air-conditioning systems with air-conditioning chambers.

Regardless of which cooling system you use, you can connect them into one, integrate different equipment and requests and automate them as a unique combination.

In addition to the option of immediate mobile, internet or touch screen activation, the option of preprogramming the automatic regime of work is used at the time interval when the tariff for electricity is lower.

Through multi-functional panels or Magiesta application it is possible to control each fan coil or air-conditioning device as well as program it to activate and deactivate at a certain period of time.