Blinds and awnings

Motorized curtains and blinds as well as freezers and awnings are an integral part of every facility.

Smart Home  puts curtains, blinds and awnings under control, synchronizes their work in a simple way and enables them to be connected within different scenarios. This way, they become an integral part of each ambiance, along with the lighting and other devices. It is also possible to control these devices in accordance with the home meteorological station which gives the command of closing the awnings depending on the wind speed.

The most common scenarios for this device are the following:

- Lowering the blinds after leaving the apartment,

- Lifting all the blinds on entering the apartment,

- Lowering a certain group of blinds after going to sleep (the "Good Night" scenario) and lifting them on waking up (the "Good Morning" scenario),

- Lowering the blinds in the living room and dining room after activating the "Home Cinema" scenario,

- The automatic retraction of awnings when it starts to rain or when the wind speed reaches a certain level,

- Lowering and raising the blinds during a certain part of the day (sunrise/sunset).