Floor heating 

Smart Home enables the introduction of automatic logic which takes into account the choice of the optimal source of heat, based on the outside temperature and conditions of using the facility. The heating can be based on the use of more different types of energy (gas, electricity, heat pumps, solar energy, etc.)

It is possible to control the temperature in each room independently in different time intervals during the day. Different heating can be defined for every zone and save up to 30%.

In addition, it is possible to control the heating and adjusting of temperature even when you are not at home through the Magiesta application. A couple of hours before arriving you can turn on the heating in order for the home to be heated and provide you a warm and comfortable ambiance.

It is possible to control the temperature independently in each room at different time intervals during the day. During winter, while the children are on a winter holiday, it is possible to set the temperature in their rooms to the minimum, while the temperature in the other rooms is optimal. At a specified time, the system automatically activates the heating in their rooms as well so that the temperature would reach an optimal value after coming back. Different heating can be defined for each zone, which saves a large amount of energy (you can turn off the heating in the part of the house in which you don’t spend a lot of time and leave only those rooms that are always used to be heated).

In addition, there is also the option of automatic heating i.e. the option of programming the desired temperature in advance. There’s more! If you are away from home for some time, you can turn off the heating, and on returning home, you can get the house temperature ready by turning on the heating using the Magiesta application.

The estimated reductions of electricity consumption that can be made in the saving regime are approximately 50% when cooling in the summer season, depending on the weather conditions and the coefficient of the thermo isolation of the facility.

Regardless of the heating system that you are using in your apartment or house, the automation implemented according to the Smart Home system enables an easy integration of different equipment and users’ requests into one unique combination.