Controlling the lighting can be regulated by the on/off (turn on/turn off) command, but there is also the option of dimming with the purpose of reducing or increasing the intensity of light in order to change the ambience of the space.

If your house has a large number of light fixtures, the Smart Home simplifies the process of controlling and reduces it to the choice of the following scenarios: "Night Light", "Day Light" and "Socializing With Friends". Apart from the scenarios, if you would like to control each group separately, there is the option of separate controlling by means of the Magiesta application or multi-functional panels.

At your disposal, you also have the presence sensor which can activate the desired lighting or scenario on detecting motion. In addition, there is the option of automatically activating and turning off the lighting after sunrise and sunset.

The system enables the following functionalities:

- Activating and turning off the dimming option of standard and halogen lighting,

- The function of "Activate everything" and "Turn Everything off",

- Different program scenarios of simultaneous activation/turning off the chosen groups of interior and exterior lighting which are activated at the press of a button,

- The automatic activation and deactivation of exterior lighting after sunrise and sunset.