The ventilation of a house is very important for maintaining comfort, health and the quality of air in closed space. Without appropriate ventilation, the air in the house becomes stale, the concentration of pollutants rises and the level of humidity can rise, which leads to the formation of mold and other problems.

People mostly spend the majority of their time in a closed space so they are exposed to the air from their homes and the quality of that air can positively or negatively affect their health and well-being.

Ventilation enables the circulation of air through the house and it gets rid of pollutants and prevents the formation of dampness and bad smells, and puts in clean air and oxygen.

Unwanted smells can be the result of pets in your home, the use of chemicals, cooking or they can appear because of stale air building up as a result of bad ventilation. This is why the adequate ventilation of the house will enable bad smells to leave the room, the air to clean up and it will make it possible for you to feel pleasant in a home without smells.