The Businessman’s House

An ever-increasing pace of life, especially of business people, entrepreneurs and owners of small, middle and big companies has imposed a set of negative changes in people’s lifestyle which are caused by an increasingly larger occupation with professional duties, a longer and unpredictable work time and shorter valuable time for people to spend with their loved ones at home.

The concept of automating the household is an attempt to address the challenges of a new era, by using the technology of house automation for improving the quality of living and spending those rare and valuable free moments for relaxation in a convenient ambiance and the warmth of the home. This example vividly shows how it is possible to save up to 50% when automating the whole facility.

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The Family House

The family house integrates more subsystems and, with its automation, it is possible to significantly raise the quality of life and generate savings.

The following lines show a typical family home automation system.

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The Hedonist’s Apartment

Very often, the owners of their life space are people who spend little time in them, mostly due to the big business dynamics and their demanding professional careers. They want to spend the time they are in their homes in the most high-quality and eventful way.

The following example illustrates some of the features that Smart House provides to these users.

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Help in the Home

People with a disability need to make their homes accessible in order to improve their confidence and having the possibility to live their lives the way they want to and deserve.

Thanks to new technologies, the Smart Home system can be utilized for making life in a residential space easier in order to provide assistance to the elderly, sick, barely-moving and individuals with special needs.

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A cottage at the seaside or in the mountains is by definition a facility for rest and relaxation. In order for a cottage to truly be a place of relaxation, it needs to meet certain prerequisites so that the owner can feel peasant and relaxed in it.

The Smart Home provides a range of possibilities of automation i.e. automatic controlling of all devices in rooms, video surveillance, saving energy and protecting the cottage itself.

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