A cottage at the seaside or in the mountains is by definition a facility for rest and relaxation. In order for a cottage to truly be a place of relaxation, it needs to meet certain prerequisites so that the owner can feel peasant and relaxed in it.

The Smart Home provides a range of possibilities of automation i.e. automatic controlling of all devices in rooms, video surveillance, saving energy and protecting the cottage itself.

Mr. Đorđević form Belgrade owns a cottage on Zlatibor, which is the gathering place of his family and friends, a place of relaxation from everyday duties and a place where he most likes to spend his free time. This cottage is particularly interesting in the winter when the owner spends a lot of time on the mountain enjoying the winter ambiance. In order to take this ambiance and atmosphere to a higher level, he decided to implement the Smart Home system and automate the entire lighting, heating, cooling and video surveillance. In addition, the request that he emphasized as his priority was to implement a system that would enable active security of the facility and the prevention of breaking in and flooding.

He states that a big advantage of the system lies in the fact that he can turn the heating and cooling on and off from a distance through the Magiesta application and save up to 30% of energy. Given that the cottage is 250 km away from his place of residence, it’s very important for him that his cottage is fully secured. Apart from the basic functions which considerably make his life easier, he integrated the alarm system as well as the protection from flooding. On activating the alarm system, the entire lighting and heating/cooling is activated and the main valve for the water supply is closed so as to prevent potential flooding.

These smart home systems which are designed for cottages enable complete security and safety, which are the two most important factors.


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