The Family House

The family house integrates more subsystems and, with its automation, it is possible to significantly raise the quality of life and generate savings.

The family house of the Lazarević family is located near the residential part of Novi Sad. It consists of the main and auxiliary facility, garage with two parking places and an entrance with a gate. The main facility is elevated – the living room, study, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, WC and auxiliary room are located on the ground floor. Three children’s rooms, a bedroom for adults, 2 bathrooms and a dressing room are located on the floor. The auxiliary facility is intended for the life of the staff which takes care of the house and the surroundings. Moreover, on the floor of the auxiliary facility, there is a large space under a slanted roof which primarily needs to be a hobby room for adults i.e. a place for children to play.

The Lazarević family has decided to completely automate all the rooms so as to make life easier for all the family members and make larger reductions in energy consumption. Their system includes controlling the on/off lighting and dimmable lighting, blinds, curtains, awnings, floor heating and fan coils, sockets, flooding and smoke detectors, as well as the alarm system. Every device can separately be controlled through the multi-functional panels or by means of the Magiesta application but they saw a huge advantage in creating their own scenarios.

The scenarios that are mostly used are "Coming Home" and "Leaving Home" which enable them to activate more devices by typing the password on the panel or application. When coming home, they automatically activate the "Coming Home" scenario by typing in the password, this way, deactivate the alarm and turn on the lighting only in the hall and living room, turn on the heating/cooling, raise the blinds, open the curtains, turn on the sockets and play their favorite song. When leaving their home, they automatically activate the "Leaving Home" scenario by typing in the password and activate the alarm, turn off the entire lighting in the house, heating and cooling, lower the blinds, close the curtains, turn off the sockets and turn off the music.


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