The Hedonist’s Apartment

Very often, the owners of their life space are people who spend little time in them, mostly due to the big business dynamics and their demanding professional careers. They want to spend the time they are in their homes in the most high-quality and eventful way.

The following example illustrates some of the features that Smart House provides to these users.

A client who purchased a 300 m2 apartment in the part of the city called Dedinje in Belgrade expressed his wish to have the project and integration of the automation system installed, which would, on the one hand, enable him to set the atmosphere while he is in the apartment according to his current mood, simply at the push of a button. On the other hand, while he is away, he has an insight into the state of his apartment i.e. the status of devices that had previously been integrated into the system. In order to accommodate this request and to improve the efficiency and functionality of the whole residential facility, which is one of the most important things for the owner of the facility, we have implemented the Smart Home system. Thanks to the wide control of the HDL, the client’s home functions equally as efficiently as the entrepreneur had always wanted.

The Smart Home system controls the on/off and dimmable lighting, cooling, heating, blinds, curtains and projector through the Magiesta application and multi-functional panels. Controlling the lighting in the hall is divided into the daytime and nighttime lighting with the help of the motion sensor. If the motion is detected in the daytime regime and the level of lighting is below the defined value, daylight is activated. On the other hand, if motion is detected in the daytime regime and the level of lighting is above the defined value, daytime light does not turn on. In the evening, the sensor regime automatically turns into the night regime when the night and external lighting activate, as well as the internal lighting in the halls. The basic functionality of the motion detector in the living room and bedroom is activating the initial lighting if it detects motion. When we use the panel, appropriate scenarios are activated and the basic functionality of sensors is blocked until the sensor detects an empty room. These sensors are also used for measuring the temperature in the rooms and for controlling the air-conditioning devices.

In order to reduce the expenses to a minimum and completely adjust the temperature to his lifestyle and activities, he made a time program or scenario which, through setting the trajectory of the desired temperature for each room, can connect the everyday habits of tenants with the need to use energy for heating up residential units.

Given that one of the requests of the owner was to automatically create a sense of privacy when it gets dark and that he is woken up by sunrays during the morning hours, all the blinds were integrated into the Smart Home system. The time program and activating the scenarios can enable us to control the blinds so that they are raised during the working week at 7 am, while they are programmed to be raised at 9 am during the weekend. In addition, with the time program, which the owner can program on his/her own, lowering the blinds at twilight enables him the desired privacy.

In order to enable controlling all the devices in the residential facility even when the owner is away, at work or on holiday, this package includes the MagiestaTM application which is available for the IOS and Android systems.


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