Control your house with voice!

 Alexa/Siri is a virtual assistant with voice control which transforms your words into actions. When going to sleep or waking up, you just need to say ’’Alex, good night’’ or ’’Alex, good morning’’ and your virtual assistant will turn on/off a certain type of lighting, set the heating/cooling to a certain temperature and lower/raise all the blinds. The possibilities depend on your imagination.

Take your standard of living to a higher level! 

Magiesta is powerful software intended for personal computers and mobile devices for the central control of devices, communication and security in residential and commercial facilities as well as in other institutions. This application, which was made by a professional team of our programmers, is available for Android and iOS systems.

A big advantage of this software is that on purchasing a license, you get the opportunity to use the application on more devices (phones, tablets and laptops). It’s very easy to use i.e. no additional training is necessary in order for you and your family members to use it.

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Multi-functional panels

Multi-functional panels are smart panels that imply panels with touch sensitive buttons, touch sensitive panels with an LCD screen and buttons and panels with regular buttons. A common characteristic of all panels and one of the biggest advantages is that every panel has an integrated thermostat based on which the temperature is measured in the room where the panel is located.

Depending on the device which you want to control in a certain room, you choose the panel which perfectly matches your interior and supports all the desired functionalities.

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Sensors are devices that detect current changes in the environment and based in this information they give commands to the appropriate controllers in the Smart HomeTM system in order for the desired application to be activated.

They can be widely applied in everyday life and are more and more often used in residential facilities as well as commercial buildings. They are predominantly used in controlling the lighting, measuring the temperature and for the alarm system. Every HDL sensor is multi-functional i.e. it can perform more functions simultaneously.

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