Take your standard of living to a higher level! 

Magiesta is powerful software intended for personal computers and mobile devices for the central control of devices, communication and security in residential and commercial facilities as well as in other institutions. This application, which was made by a professional team of our programmers, is available for Android and iOS systems.

A big advantage of this software is that on purchasing a license, you get the opportunity to use the application on more devices (phones, tablets and laptops). It’s very easy to use i.e. no additional training is necessary in order for you and your family members to use it.

Magiesta is a server solution intended for controlling the Smart Home, and by using this application, you can perform the following options:  

  • Controlling blinds, curtains and awnings,
  • At the push of a button, you can run the scenario that you have yourselves programed without additional technical support,
  • Controlling the TV,
  • Controlling the heating and cooling (air-conditioning, wall cooling, fan coils, floor heating, radiator heating),
  • Having video surveillance for 24 hours of your house as well as all public cameras in the world,
  • Having an insight into the weather forecast of any city in the world,
  •  Checking emails,
  •  Reading your favorite content in electronic form,
  •  Listening to music,
  •  Activating/deactivating the alarm system and the automatic activation of the desired scenario,
  •  Monitoring the consumption of electric energy,
  •  Getting notifications in the status event if there is flooding, a fire or any kind of injury.

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